There is one word that describes KeepKey best – simplicity. Simple design, friendly interface, simple setup. In fact, KeepKey is so easy to navigate that even your grandma can set it up. The even better news is that simplicity doesn’t make it less secure.

KeepKey somewhat derived from the Trezor stem back in 2015 but it is far from being a copycat. This hardware wallet is much more solid thanks to its metal body. When you touch it you will immediately understand what we are talking about. The aluminum finish makes it drop-proof so even if it slips out of your pocket down the stairs you shouldn’t freak out.

When you first set your KeepKey the device generates your private keys and you’re also given the chance to create a 12-seed backup phrase. In addition, you can further protect your tokens by a 4-digit PIN. In case someone steals your wallet there is no need to panic because KeepKey has got you covered. First, without knowing your PIN code the culprits have no access to the wallet and second, using KK’ chrome extension you can access your funds through your backup phrase. Clever, right?

What separates KeepKey from the other cold wallets is that it never shows your private key on internet-connected screens. Sensitive data is seen only on the device’s display. Thus making it super safe even if your PC has contracted malware. Needless to say, each transaction is displayed on the screen so you can double-check the amount you send and the recipient. And guess what, it won’t be approved until you manually press the button.

Desktop wallet software compatible with KeepKey includes Electrum, KeepKey Chrome App, and MultiBit HD. This hardware wallet is running smoothly on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices so you can comfortably switch between them without a hassle.

As this was not enough, KeepKey lets you exchange your funds on the device itself. The magic happens thanks to ShapeShift’s integration.

Ok, I got it, but what coins does it support?

Well apart from Bitcoin, you can store Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH, and Dogecoin but since the KeepKey developers work around the clock to constantly improve their product, more altcoins should be available in the near future.

I want my KeepKey now!