Ledger nano s

If you are searching the internet for a cold wallet, the chances are you end up reading something about one of the Ledger Wallets. Ledger itself is a company dedicated to the production of secure cryptocurrency wallets. It has been around since 2014 so those 80 developers working for Ledger really know their stuff. Being for so long in this constantly changing field means only one thing – you are a professional. Ledger designs extremely secure wallets that are unbelievably easy to navigate. Perhaps this is why traders from some 165 countries trust them.

Do you know what separates Ledger from the crowd? It supports not only Bitcoin and Ethereum but tens of other altcoins, including Dogecoin, Zcash, DASH, Stellar and Stealthcoin among others. After all, since you are reading this you are looking for something reliable, aren’t you? Well, Ledger Nano S is just that. It runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux perfectly smooth. Forget about lags and crashes.

Honestly, every wallet ever released by Ledger is super-encrypted but let’s just look at Nano S. It is amazing that the most basic model by Ledger is that good. Without further ado, here is why we think Ledger Nano S is a must have for anyone owning more than a few bucks worth of Bitcoin.

First of all, it looks just like an ordinary flash drive. Your colleagues will never know this flash drive is potentially worth millions. The simple display informs you about what is happening with your funds. Even if your internet connection gets compromised your funds are safe. Why? Because you must physically approve every single transaction by pressing the buttons. Practically this makes Ledger Nano S incorruptible. In addition, you can lock your wallet with a four-digit PIN so even if you accidentally drop it in the subway, nobody will catch you off-guard. Every sensitive action happens inside your wallet, meaning your private keys never leave Nano S.

Ok, but what happens when I lose my keys? The team behind Ledger knows too damn well that sometimes lost keys mean your coins are forever gone. But not with Nano S. It again offers heavily encrypted back-up so you can restore the access to your funds. Clever, right? Like all that isn’t enough, Ledger Nano S adds yet another level of protection. This outstanding cold wallet runs a certified 2-step verification that you can also apply to your Dropbox or Google account. I mean, how cool is that?

Remember, this is just the basic. You can take security measures to a whole new level if you install firmware 1.2 on your desktop. Then you can get additional Ethereum and Litecoin support as well as an integration of MyEtherWallet on Chrome and Opera.

Ledger Nano S gives you the entire control over your funds. Everything happens whenever you wish and the way you wish. It quickly integrates with various apps so you can manage all of your coins in a fast and easy manner. Do not ever hesitate getting one, it worth every single penny. You’ll thank me later. Buy Now