If you are a proud owner of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you wouldn’t like it if somebody steals your tokens, would you? Since you are already here we assume you are aware that the wallet that gives the best protection is the one that stores your coins offline.

Well, Trezor is just the perfect choice. It comes with a minimalistic outlook that is super easy to navigate. Do not get distracted by Trezor’s simple design, it is more durable than any other cold wallet on the market. Just imagine how bad ass it is – working equally well when it’s -20o and when it is +60o. You can just slide it into your pocket and leave the hackers with empty hands. Even if you lose it there is nothing to worry about. Trazor offers password protection so no one is able to compromise it. Nobody can access your funds apart from you!

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The display notifies you every time a transaction needs a confirmation. Nothing happens automatically, you control what happens and when does it happen. You are the boss. Trezor does not only notify you about important tasks but needs your physical approval as well. If you don’t click the real buttons nothing happens. This takes security measures to a whole new level. Simply said, it keeps hackers away, even if they sneak into your PC your cryptocurrency holdings remain out of their reach.

The developers behind Trezor do not work on other projects. They spend their time solely on developing Trezor, its updates, and its cryptography so you can sleep calm. Your safety is their mission.

Trazor wallet works on Windows, macOS and Linux devices just fine. But it’s not just that. The team behind Trezor offers you the special software which you need to get your USB wallet properly working completely for free.

What currencies does Trazor Wallet support? Well, practically each of the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Zcash
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin Gold

Community thoughts

If you are still not sure this is the right choice for you, hear what the community says about Trezor:

Love my Trezor. Without it I would never be able to sleep. Thanks for making cryptocurrency and assets safe.

– Andy Keen

I use all kinds of different cryptocurrency wallets, I post reviews videos about them on YouTube, ive dealt with support from everyone of them at some point and you guys have some of the best support around. Thank you so much, I will continue to recommend Trezor to everyone.

–Sean Logan

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been using the password manager for a good while, and it’s been great. Such a useful, simple product. Thanks for making it!

– Brett Clanton